Training to Help Trauma Survivors

We are currently re-working how we train members of the Texas Crisis Resiliency Team. We have a committee formed to develop the training. The intent is that this will be a Faith Based Disaster Response plan that will assist churches following disasters and provide spiritual support to survivors of trauma and disasters. A major goal is also to support the needs of the Texas VOAD and the training will be consistent with the guidelines established by the National VOAD Emotional and Spiritual Care Committee.

UPDATE on Schedule: We are ahead of our original plan.  The revised plan is:
1 Feb 2017 — Draft version of all slides and training manual modules.
1 Jun 2017 — Final version of all slides and training manual modules.
NOTE: Bobby Smith utilized the NOVA training at DBU as a part of their chaplain training program. It was a Master’s level course. One goal is to structure the training so that it could easily be adapted to the needs of universities and seminaries for training in this area.
  Members of the Texas Crisis Resiliency Team will continue to respond to assist as needed while we are doing the revision of our training program.

TCRT Training

This is the new training for the Texas Crisis Resiliency Team. It is currently being developed and the link will take you to the new training slides and the training manual.  Those desiring to view this training can e-mail for a password.  Click this link TCRT Training

This is an Agenda proposed for the New TCRT Disaster Spiritual Care Training: disaster-spiritual-care-agenda

FEMA Training

Team members are expected to complete the National Incident Management System (NIMS) training required of all disaster responders.  These free on-line courses are valuable in helping disaster responders understand the operational organization and language of disaster response.  All of the online training is intended to be “open book”.  This is accomplished by printing the test questions before taking a course.  All team members are expected to complete the following courses:

Please note that these courses change and sometimes the website location is moved.  Please inform us if you have problems.