Disaster Spiritual Care Training: A Ministry of Encouragement

This is a Faith Based Disaster Response plan that will provide spiritual support to survivors of trauma and disasters. This training is consistent with the guidelines established by the National VOAD Emotional and Spiritual Care Committee.

To host a training or if you have questions about the training contact:

Dan Franklin
+1 (210) 842-8221

Crisis Resiliency Team (TCRT)
6531 FM 78, Ste 110 #480
San Antonio, TX 78244

Please try to register with the on-line registration when there is a registration link, but if you have any problem e-mail me at DanRFranklin@gmail.com and let me know which course you plan to attend.

Purchase Disaster Spiritual Care Training Manual

Printed Version

Purchase Disaster Spiritual Care Training Manual

Kindle Version

Purchase Disaster Spiritual Care Leadership: A Training Manual for Leaders of Disaster Spiritual Care Teams

Printed Version

Purchase Disaster Spiritual Care Leadership: A Training Manual for Leaders of Disaster Spiritual Care Teams

Kindle Version

Compra Atención espiritual en desastres
Versión Impresa
Compra Atención espiritual en desastres
Versión Kindle

Upcoming Training

DSC Monthly Training – Incident Command System (FEMA ICS 100)

6 September 2020 (Tuesday) 2 PM to 4 PM via Zoom Conference

Mark Chadwick, the Assistant Emergency Manager at Bexar County, will teach this course. Mark is a great supporter of our Crisis Resiliency Team and issues related to disaster spiritual care. In addition to serving in the area of emergency management, Mark has also served as a Pastor and Chaplain with the Texas State Guard. He will explain the Incident Command System with a focus on issues of importance for chaplains and other spiritual care providers. This is not the “official” FEMA ICS 100 course, but for our Crisis Resiliency Team will count as you have completed the FEMA ICS 100. If you have already taken the on line course, this will be an important refresher!


Cost is $10 and will be used to offer an honorarium to our instructors. Any left over money will go to cover other expenses of the TCRT.

Register for Monthly TCRT Training

Disaster Spiritual Care Basic Course Via Zoom

10 Sep – 12 Nov (Thursday evenings) VIA ZOOM Conference

Deadline for Registration: 4 Sep 2020

Cost $100 per person

Flyer for training: DSC Via Zoom Conference

Schedule of training: Disaster Spiritual Care Agenda

Remember to purchase the Disaster Spiritual Care Training Manual

Registration for DSC Training

Future Plans

Training Conducted in 2019 and 2020

We had multiple events cancelled because of COVID 19. Doing other training via Zoom

17-21 Aug 2020 – DSC Training of Trainers Via Zoom

18, 25 Jul 2020 – DSC Leadership Training Via Zoom

22-26 Jun 2020 – DSC Via Zoom

3 Oct – 27 Nov 2019 – DSC (on-line) BH Carroll Theological Institute

18-19 Oct 2019 – DSC (2 Days) Fredericksburg, VA

17-20 Sep 2019 – DSC Part 1 (16 hours) Dallas, TX

16-17 Aug 2019 – DSC (10 hours) San Antonio, TX

16-17 de agusto de 2019 – Atención espiritual en desastres San Antonio, TX

12-14 Jun 2019 – DSC Training of Trainers San Antonio, TX

11 Jun 2019 – DSC Leadership Training San Antonio, TX

24-26 Apr 2019 – DSC (24 hours) San Antonio, TX

9-12 Apr 2019 – DSC Richmond, VA (BGAV Chaplaincy Training)

8-9 Feb 2019 – DSC Introduction (10 hours) Lovington, NM


FEMA Training

Team members are expected to complete the National Incident Management System (NIMS) training required of all disaster responders.  These free on-line courses are valuable in helping disaster responders understand the operational organization and language of disaster response.  All of the online training is intended to be “open book”.  This is accomplished by printing the test questions before taking a course.  All team members are required to take the FEMA IS-100 course and encouraged to take the 200, 300, 700 and 800 courses. Spiritual Care Team Leaders are expected to take the 100, 200, 300, 400, 700 and 800 courses.

Please note that these courses change and sometimes the website location is moved.  Please inform us if you have problems.

Team Leaders are required to take the FEMA ICS 300 Course and encouraged to take the FEMA ICS 400 Course. These are 3 day resident courses. There is no cost to attend. Taking these courses is also an expectation of the National VOAD standards for Emotional and Spiritual Care for leaders of Spiritual Care Teams. These courses are required for emergency personnel such as fire and police officers and other emergency managers. Taking these courses will help the Spiritual Care Team Leaders to better understand the workings of Emergency Coordinators during disasters. For the schedule and to sign up for these courses go to: https://www.preparingtexas.org/Schedule.aspx