Faith Communities

Disasters are all too common for faith communities.  We are hit by hurricanes, fires and personal tragedies.

Recovery from disasters can be a long and difficult process.  There is the recovery requiring the resources to physically rebuild, but traumatic events often have a devastating emotional impact upon survivors of traumatic events.

Spiritual Care Providers trained in Disaster Spiritual Care are prepared to assist faith communities in meeting their emotional and spiritual needs during times of crisis.

OUR GOAL: To assist Faith Communities to Meet their Emotional and Spiritual Needs During Times of Crisis By:

1. Training members of the Faith Community prior to disasters and trauma.

Ideally faith communities will have people trained to respond to the emotional and spiritual needs of trauma survivors before a traumatic event happens.

The best model is to have trained local resources available to assist members of a faith community.

The TCRT is available to work with faith communities to provide training on Disaster Spiritual Care.

2. Advising leaders of Faith Community.

Some local faith leaders will prefer to do all the ministry to the community following a disaster, but also desire to turn to a trained Disaster Spiritual Care Provider for additional insights.

Anyone desire advice on how to respond to help trauma survivors can call or e-mail the TCRT leadership for advice.

3. Providing trained Spiritual Care Providers.

In some cases a faith community may desire the physical assistance of others.

The TCRT is ready to provide Spiritual Care Providers to local faith communities.

For assistance, please contact Chaplain Dan Franklin:

Telephone: +1 (210) 842-8221