Hands on Ministry

The Chaplaincy: Hands on Ministry training serves as an introduction to all types of chaplain ministry with an emphasis on volunteer positions. The training is for Christians and open to all regardless of church affiliation. This training is not designed to fully qualify a person to serve in the role as a chaplain.

Almost every place of chaplaincy ministry will have additional requirements for training. Some of this training is a simple as an orientation to the place of ministry. Others include extensive training in various skills. For some this training might be the start of a process that includes years of additional training and preparation.

REGISTRATION FEES: The registration fees support the disaster response efforts of the TCRT and allows us to pay a small honorarium to our instructors of the courses. We do not want to exclude people from our training because they cannot pay the registration fee. If you need a discount in order to take a course e-mail DanRFranklin@gmail.com


Chaplaincy: Hands on Ministry

Date: 3-7 May (Monday through Friday)

Time: 8AM to 12PM

Cost: $150

Training Flyer: HOM-Via-Zoom May 2021

This course can be applied towards completion of the Chaplaincy Certificate program at Truett Theological Seminary.

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